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Go wireless with Fire-Boltt Audio

Fire-Boltt Polaris 701
₹1,699 Regular price ₹9,999 Sale price
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Fire-Boltt EarBud 201
₹1,199 Regular price ₹3,999 Sale price
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Fire-Boltt Earbud 901
₹3,999 Regular price ₹14,999 Sale price

Fire-Boltt Earbuds are a Game Changer in the segment of Audibles!

Presenting the following astonishing features like:


ANC & ENC translate to ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION & ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE CANCELLATION respectively. One of the most spoken about features in the section of audibles since it enables you to enjoy music or attend calls without getting interrupted by the external noises.

Fire-Boltt Reference Sound:

Features Fire-Boltt Reference Sound for a sound experience that is clear, crisp and loud powered by Full Range Heavy Bass Drivers.

Transparency Mode:

Transparency Mode enables a multi-dimensional sound experience that means while you’re enjoying the music playing on your device, you can also listen to what’s happening on the outside. It’s like music being played over a speaker, and it is especially beneficial for people who have hearing issues.

Low Latency Mode:

Now, get ready to enjoy a real-time sound experience with Fire-Boltt’s earbuds that come with Low Latency Mode. Stay on the same page whether you’re playing your favourite game or attending a call.

Water Resistance:

Sweat it out or take a dive with your favourite music on powered by Fire-Boltt’s earbuds featuring water resistance.

Full Touch Control including volume:

Now, you can keep your hands free for other important things in place of holding your phone to change the song, receive a call or adjust the volume. Fire-Boltt’s earbuds are equipped with smart touch control that enables you to do it all just with a command of your touch.

Other Smart Features: SuperSync Technology for faster pairing and Fire Charge Technology for faster charging. Also, don’t forget the unique designs starting from matte to glossy finish, statement size to compact look, all coming in diverse colours to match your personal essence.

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