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Boltt Spring X Smart Sports Shoes (Black)

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Ergonomics &Technology

The shoes have a uniquely cushioned interior and the perfect curvature and heel height. The outsole is designed in a way to guide natural running

Running Aspiration

Experience exceptional energy bouncy back and energy return. The unique compound 'Boltt Spring X' in the midsole aids in extra rebound capabilities. The shoes are designed for balanced impact absorption and ground control.

A Blend Of Fashion & Technology

A pair that is breathable, light Weight, flexible and minimalistic, with embedded technology at its core.

Adapting To Running Kinematics

We have studied how running biomechanics are significantly altered by shoe type. We used motion capture systems to conducts tests and asses biomechanics, of different runners. In our experiments we recorded the necessary stride length, heel height and ground contact time, for a good run. We analysed different foot types and requirements. This lead to discovering a shape and construction that would suit all.

Why choose us?
Rigorous Quality Testing

All Boltt Products have passed over 100 stringent checks and tests to ensure adherence to quality, safety and reliability

Founded With A Mission

Affordable premium product, guaranting supreme functionality and comfort, without a retail markup.

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